OLD REFLECTION  | Photography by Doscoronas


I start with the shape. The heat source comes from the oxygen / gas torch. Its flame allows to work in the modeling of the portion of boro tube that we seek to modify. Blowing, sucking, sculpting, we give birth to the piece that remains hollow throughout its internal path.


The root of the technical process that inspires the OLD REFLECTION collection is ancient, classic and, although millennial, it continues to this day being complex due to its specific chemical mixtures.

Once the created piece is stable (post-annealed in a C ° pre-fussing) and clean (by applying tin) I intervene with a liquid mixture of crystallized silver nitrate and distilled water. By obtaining the precise solution, we add glucose to the process to precipitate the mixture and activate the solid state of the silver, which, when injected through the small hole in the glass, reacts instantly to the movement and thus adheres to the interior walls of the piece.

Finally, we dry to make sure we release the moisture.