“Project that is distinguished by an extensive trajectory, motivated by curiosity, evolutionary need and commitment to reach the highest technical knowledge. The artist conceives her style thanks to the delight she experiences during the creative process. The result is a narrative that allows random, with the intention of printing a personal aesthetic language. The character of the work is defined by a symbiotic relationship between the creator and the material”

Agustina Ros, feeds on the millenary craft of blown glass, applying it in a creative proposal that reflects current affairs, with a  timeless and contemporary vision. Her inspiration is dominated by the search to highlight the brightness and reflections that are manifested in its main element: glass. Its particular link with light and space, allow infinite possibilities of appreciation.



Hers origin, Misiones-Argentina. Barcelona, Spain, her current residence. From there she faces international projection.In constant exploration, she collaborates with other artists and designers.