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She was born in Misiones, Argentina. Now, she lo look kn currently resides in Barcelona, Spain, where she opened her own studio with international projection. 

“Agustina Ros is a Project that is distinguished by an extensive trajectory, motivated by curiosity, evolutionary need and commitment to reach the highest technical knowledge. The artist conceives her style thanks to the delight she experiences during the creative process. The result is a narrative that allows random, with the intention of printing a personal aesthetic language.

The character of the work is defined by a symbiotic relationship between the creator and the material “

Agustina Ros,feeds on the millenary craft of blown glass, applying it in a creative proposal that reflects current affairs, with a  timeless and contemporary vision.

Her inspiration is dominated by the search to highlight the brightness and reflections that are manifested in its main element: glass. Its particular link with light and space, allow infinite possibilities of appreciation. 

Using his mastery of techniques such as flamework, glassblowing, coldworking, fuming of noble metals (gold, silver), she creates unique designs unreproducible volumes and textures in her designs. Without limitations, she manages to capture in her pieces ingenuity, personality, and substance.

Hers origin, Misiones-Argentina. Barcelona, Spain, her current residence. From there she faces  international projection.

 In constant exploration, she collaborates with other artists and designers.


– Flamework technique studies: Ferrán Collado (Barcelona), Simone Crestani (Italy), Amy Lemaire (United United States) and Suellen Fowler (United States);

-Neon and plasma applied to glass art: Jason Chakravarty and Joe Upham (United States).

– Engraving: Paulina Cambalova (Czech Republic)

-Contemporary jewelry studies: Francisca Kweitel (Argentina), Gemma Draper (Barcelona).


-EMERGENT DESIGNER, Puro Diseño Argentina (2015)

-Winner of the ENJOIA`T 2017 PRIZE in Professional Category (Barcelona)


– Active Design Program (Argentina), “PDA”, curatorship of functional work.

– The Corning Museum of Glass and Urban Glass, both in New York, (summer 2015, Summer 2016 and Winter 2017), scholarships.

– GAS CONFERENCE 2016 (Glass Art Society) exhibiting a custom glass during the GLASS FASHION SHOW.

– Melting Point Valencia 2018

-I 4th Triple Fashion Show of Contemporary Jewelry in Shanghai 2018

– Inthependant Gallery () July 2018

– Art Jewelry Fair JOYA 2018 (Barcelona)

-Collective exhibition “Vanguardia” during the Week of the Jewelry of the City New York 2018

-Artist selected for Artistar-MILANO 2018 (during FW2019)

-Collective Exhibition of the Gallery TRECE SIN TRES in the Jumex Museum, during the exhibition “Duchamp + Koons” CDMX 2019

– Museum of Art and Design (New York)

-Exhibition “Inside / Outside”, Athens Jewelry Week 2019, in collaboration with the

Mexican artist Jorge Manilla

-Palm Beach (Miami) February 2020

-Collaboration with Giulia Vecchiato during for NYC JEWELARY WEEK 2020

-collaboration on with OnRush brand for Fashion Week 2020 Barcelona 

-collaboration with GEORGIELA Studio for Fashion Week 2021 Madrid 

-Exhibition at Khaos Gallery “Agua Ausente” 2021

-participation on Collective Art Fair with Northland creative. London 2022