About the Artist

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Agustina Ros is a 26 year old ar tist who seeks to combine, through glass,
the sensitivity of ar t and the resolution of design.

She was born in Misiones, Argentina. Now, she currently resides in Barcelona, Spain, where she opened her own studio with international projection.
Her jewelry is crafted with borosilicate glass, modeled and blown by the technique of flameworking. Some pieces are worked with ?ne metal fuming (gold and silver), and carved
and polished, which generates a faceted sur face, looking for light re?ection.
Today, she is developing her own product and ar t design line with a neon technique called “plasma”, with
state-of-the-ar t equipment.
For a constant exploration, she collaborates with other ar tists and designers from Institutes
such as the IAAC, Royal College of Ar t, Central Saint Mar tins and European Studios of architecture and design.
From her Atellier “Barcelona Glass Studio”, Agustina seeks to generate glass culture, and spread it to the ar tistic
and fashion scene.
– Flamework Technique: Ferrán Collado (BARCELONA), Simone Crestani(ITALY ),
Amy Lemaire(USA) and Suellen Fowler(USA);
– Neon and plasma applied to glass ar t: Jason Chakravar ty and Joe Upham(USA);
engraved with Paulina Cambalova(CHEC REPUBLIC)
– Contemporary jewelry: Francisca Kweitel(ARGENTINA) and Gemma Draper (BARCELONA).
– Selected for the ACTIVE DESIGN PROGRAM of Argentina in 2014 “PDA”(curation of
functional work).
– Selected us an EMERGENT DESIGNER of the most impor tant event of design in
Argentina “PURO DISEÑO” 2015.
– Scholarships at The Corning Museum of Glass and Urban Glass, both in New York,
(summer2015, summer 2016 and winter 2017).
– Par ticipation in the GAS Conference 2016(Glass Ar t Society) exhibiting a glass
custom during the GLASS FASHION SHOW.
– Winner of the ENJOIA`T AWARDS 2017 in the professional category”.
– “Winner piece of ENJOIAT 2017″Barcelona Glass Studio”.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]